Domain Name Registration

Your web site address, or domain name, is an important part of your Internet branding and Internet marketing strategy. Most people give the choice of a domain name little thought, and just register their company name or the closest domain name they can get to their company name. By doing this, they are missing some great Internet marketing opportunities. For entrepreneurs focusing on what you are selling instead of your company name might improve your chances of success.


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.com .net .org
.us .biz .info

Here are some factors in determining whether a domain name is a good one:

  • Make it easy to say out loud.
  • Make it memorable.
  • Avoid misspellings or abbreviations.
  • Try to keep it short – preferably under 12 characters.
  • Too many hyphens make it hard to remember
  • Include key words that your prospects will be looking for

The most common domain names are as follows:

  • .com –global commercial
  • .org – global for organizations
  • .net – global for networks
  • .biz – global for business

Each country also has it's own geographic domain name suffix, some examples:

  • Canada – .ca
  • United States – .us
  • Great Britain – .uk
  • Australia – .au
  • Germany – .de
A great domain name could be the start of a great Internet business!